Are you eating cat food?

I asked Batman today.

"Yeah" he replied in that tone that really said, "of course I am, why would you ask that?"

Well, I know we've all been there. I remember many times when each child has come to me with a mouthful of cat food, happy as can be. But, most of them stopped by age three.  Which is why I was so confused that the five-year-old was happily chomping on those tasty(???) little nuggets.

He then proceeded to spit a whole mouthful onto the floor, proclaiming that he didn't like it. "Sometimes I like it, sometimes I don't."  <Spoiler alert> Not five minutes later, more chomping.

So, shrug this off or make a big deal of it?

I've always been the type to not make a big deal of things until they persist. So, in this case, we'll move on and see if it happens again. So far, this strategy has worked for the most part. And hasn't cost us too much in extra cat food.

George, Pepper, Mio
But, what is costing us more in food is the fact that the cats who are on special prescription food, now refuse to eat it and are eating the kitten food. Here they are caught in the act.

George and Mio are eating the kitten food while Pepper tries to get access. The cat food is on the floor underneath them. So, we're buying the prescription food that requires a trip to our veterinarians office, and we're buying enough kitten food to feed an army of kittens to make sure that the two little ones can get their nutrients.

Have you had this problem?


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