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I Fired the Tooth Fairy

Early in 2023, Robin had some loose teeth. Well, one for sure. It fell out after the normal wiggling period and the Tooth Fairy was notified. However, our Tooth Fairy Company was not very prompt. It took about 4 days for the Fairy to exchange the tooth for some cash. And since it was so late, left more $$ than normal.  Cha-ching. Robin found a new hustle. And less than a week later, pulled out an unripe tooth. We (and the Tooth Fairy) were not pleased. He got way less money for the unripe tooth. And we started looking for a new Tooth Fairy Company.   Off to Pinterest. Sure, there were ideas of alternatives to cash, but most of them took a little bit more time than this old, pregnant mom wanted to deal with at the time. I found Hold The Magic - I'm not sure where I stumbled across their ad. But, they had enough good reviews and I was tired of the old Company, so I ordered the Healthy Smiles set and fired the old Company. I feel like I should pause here and say, yes, I realize that

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