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Age 40.

I can no longer claim "late-thirties" in my profiles. I don't feel much older. Well, I didn't for a few months.  Let me explain. I turned 40 at the beginning of July (2022). My dear husband, with my parents and siblings, planned a very low-key surprise party for me. Which was perfect, considering my history of anxiety, especially around large groups. And then, at the end of August, we found out that we're pregnant. WHAT!?! That can't be right. Although the bright pink line left no doubt (it was stronger than the control line). I was a bit nervous; we'd had two miscarriages after Batgirl was born. So, I waited five days to schedule an appointment. And then waited for a reason to cancel the appointment. But it never came.  We went to our appointment and saw a lovely little blob hanging out in my uterus, happy as a clam. Then we had an impromptu lunch date to celebrate. But, being a pregnant person of "advanced maternal age" has distinct differences

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