Age 40.

I can no longer claim "late-thirties" in my profiles. I don't feel much older. Well, I didn't for a few months. 

Let me explain.

I turned 40 at the beginning of July (2022). My dear husband, with my parents and siblings, planned a very low-key surprise party for me. Which was perfect, considering my history of anxiety, especially around large groups.

And then, at the end of August, we found out that we're pregnant. WHAT!?! That can't be right. Although the bright pink line left no doubt (it was stronger than the control line). I was a bit nervous; we'd had two miscarriages after Batgirl was born. So, I waited five days to schedule an appointment. And then waited for a reason to cancel the appointment. But it never came. 

We went to our appointment and saw a lovely little blob hanging out in my uterus, happy as a clam. Then we had an impromptu lunch date to celebrate.

But, being a pregnant person of "advanced maternal age" has distinct differences to being pregnant under 35. Almost everything is different and much more uncomfortable. At least it is for me. I'll preface this by saying my first three pregnancies were a walk on the park, aside from a few isolated incidents. So, when the almost all day nausea and an inclination to get winded and tired doing regular things took over, I was not looking forward to the rest. And, even though baby is still hanging out low in my abdomen, my abs must be getting tired, because my belly popped out a lot earlier than expected.

Our 12 week appointment came and the little stinker was hiding so it took a while to hear a heartbeat. But it's still there. And that was a relief. 
We had our anatomy scan at 18 weeks and all is looking good with baby. My placenta is a bit low, but we aren't going to worry about that until the next scan at 28 weeks. If it's still low, then we can worry a little. But my doctor told me that just means a C-section. Which would be a new experience for me.
I still get winded quickly, and the aches and pains of a body shifting to accommodate a growing body are ever present, but the nausea is gone. Just some heartburn every so often. 
So, there it is. 40 years old with number 4 on the way.

Up next: Glucose test.


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