Let's Paint the Kitchen


It took forever to pick a color. I ended up with Sunflower Seed by Behr. See the screenshot of the color from their website, www.behr.com.

Then it took forever to paint. I started with one and a quarter walls over July 4th weekend. 

And then did another quarter about 3 months later.

And then decided to do the rest during the last weekend of winter break. This was only the space between the countertop and the upper cabinets. No big deal, right?


We cleared the countertops and then noticed how bad the caulk looked. It was not installed very well. So, we started scraping that out so we could put new down. 

And then.... one end of the backspash was not attached to the wall. But it was attached to the paint... which meant that some of the paint was not attched to the wall. Awkward, but maybe some glue behind would fix it. Ok, we have a plan.

And then... the 2' section of backsplash that is on its own fell off the wall once all the caulk was scraped off. Ok... that's not ideal.

Well, now we have a choice to make. Put it back, oooorrrrr... do more of a refresh than just paint.

We chose refresh!

First step, redo the countertops. We decided to paint them gray with some Rustoleum countertop paint. (Spoiler alert, not worth it).

Second step, new sink! Dad and I installed a new sink. Soooooo much better than what we had. It was black and textured and never felt clean. New sink is stainless steel and beautiful. Why didn't we do this years ago???

Third step, make a new backsplash. We repurposed some vinyl laminate flooring from my parents, and dad installed it. 

However, since the countertop paint did not hold up well at all, we decided that we would wait for better weather to redo it with a textured product that looks more durable. And we decided to not glue the backsplash on yet so we can take it back down when we do the countertop. 

Once that's done, we'll re-caulk and be mostly done with the kitchen. 

There's still more painting...


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