Goodbye George

When you get a kitten (or any pet, really), you are probably excited and thinking about all of the cuteness and companionship. Or at least, that's what I think of. I never consider the end, even though it is a reality that I will one day have to say goodbye to that pet.

On August 26, we said goodbye to George. Even though we were expecting it, it was heartbreaking. He was diagnosed with kidney disease in April, and we did what we could to make him comfortable. He was getting treatments two times a week. And we gave him as much love and affection as we could.

We had hoped that he would pass at home, and he did. But it wasn't quite what I expected. After his last treatment on Saturday, he declined rapidly, but hung on until Wednesday night/Thursday morning. And looking back now, we shouldn't have let him suffer so long. He was our first pet to pass away at home or while we were able to do anything about it. All of my previous pets either left us to die alone or were hit by a vehicle. (Or they were taken off by wild animals or shot by my dad - but that's another story. And I don't know if chickens should really be counted as pets. Especially when they attack.)

We had him cremated and he is now back in the living room with us and will always be with us and missed at the same time.


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