Wait for iiiiiiiiiit...

About six weeks after George passed away, Ron's coworker showed him a picture of three grey tiger kittens. And that was that. 

He started texting me on a Friday afternoon asking me what I thought about getting a kitten. I was hesitant at first. I mean, we already have three adult cats and are still in half-mourning for George. But he has always wanted a grey tiger ever since his Zorro passed away too young from heart failure. And he did say "ok" three years ago when I wanted the little torties.

So, I said "ok, go look at them and pick one out." Then we'd go pick him up on Sunday after we prepare for a kitten quarantine. And started thinking about names. My first suggestion was Maurice and we call him Mo. Then, it was Pierre. And I struck gold with Gus. (we may have been binge watching Psych for the second, or maybe third, time.)

I think once we favorited Gus, it made sense to get two kittens so we could have Shawn and Gus. (You know that's right.) But, after thinking for a while, we decided that Shawn wasn't quite a good name for a kitten. Mostly because it's a rather common people name. We know at least one. But it was an easy move to Spencer and Guster.  We did kick around a few other buddy names. . . Axe and Finley were my second favorites. But, Spencer and Guster came out on top.

Ron with Spencer and Guster

We didn't tell the kids about them, and may have indicated that we had a surprise. Which apparently translated to a surprise for them. Except that it wasn't. When we got to them, Robin declared that he didn't want more cats. Uh oh. Didn't change our minds though. And by that evening, he had completely changed his mind and basically claimed them as his. He hogs all of the visiting time and has a meltdown when it's time to let the kittens rest.

Spencer practicing his climbing skills.

They've had their first vet visit and are looking good.  They certainly live up to their names, they are very energetic eaters and get into just enough mischief. Guster tends to get his business done efficiently while Spencer spends a lot of time digging. Guster really likes getting his vitamins, Spencer needs some coaxing (and then eats enthusiastically).

They are quarantined in our bathroom for at least four weeks and so far it's working pretty well. 

They fell asleep on the way to the vet.


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