Baby Shark Teeth

Baby shark. Doo doo, doo doo doo doo.

If you grew up in the 80’s/90’s like I did, you may have learned a different version of this popular song at summer camp. That poor lady swimming didn’t stand a chance.

I didn’t even know that it made a comeback until Batgirl randomly started singing “bay shark do do do, bay shark do do do.” Then I saw the new craze with the cute little sharks and the slightly revised melody that is just off enough that it makes joining in difficult. But it still gets stuck in the brain.

At about the same time, we discovered that Batman was getting his very own shark teeth.  A week before his routine dentist visit, we found two teeth pushing their way out behind his lower front baby teeth. And those baby teeth weren’t budging.

His dentist told us to keep an eye on them and come back in about a month if the baby teeth were still in place.

Cut to about 3 months later, because, well, I’m an exhausted mom, and we still have baby teeth and two adult teeth forming a “v” behind them. I noticed he started talking a little funny and realized we needed to get those things taken care of.

We got an appointment for a morning extraction. He got some medications to calm and to numb  -  this part took about 10 minutes. Then, in about 3 seconds, both baby teeth were out and he was ready to go with some gauzy stuff to bite down on and instructions for some over the counter medication for pain as needed.

He was a champ. He even went to school in the afternoon – I did give him some medicine before school so that the pain wouldn’t hit while he was there. But after that, all good.  And his adult teeth are pushing their way into place now.

No more baby shark teeth. . . for now.

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