Meet George

Our biggest furbaby weighs in at about 17 pounds and is the floppiest cat in the world. He is an all black medium-hair. We often call him boneless because he has a tendency to go limp when we try to move him from place to place (typically from the computer keyboard.)

I always wanted a cat named George, probably inspired by the dog named George in "Bringing Up Baby" with Cary Grant and Katherine Hepburn. He and his brother Mio were born in the spring of 2006. When he was younger, he would play fetch with his toys. He's the "licker" of the group and would probably lick your skin raw if you let him.

He's slowing down a bit as a senior cat now and likes to curl up in our bedroom closet. But he prefers to sleep stretched out next to me on the side of the bed. And yes, he has fallen off the bed a few times. . . I have the scars to prove it when he tried to catch himself.

Baby George. June 25, 2006

George kitten found a spot on the back of the couch.

Sleepy George found a spot on the bed.

George begins his obsession with clean laundry.

George still loves the back of the couch, this is Autumn 2012.

If I fits, I sits. 12th Birthday, June 25, 2018.

George passed away on August 26, 2021 after a 5-month battle with kidney disease. He was 15 years old and will always be missed.


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