Meet Mio

Coming in at 13 pounds is Mio (pronounced My-Oh). He was a feisty one in his youth and left me with quite a few battle scars. But he is now the sweetest cat and quite snuggly. He typically sleeps at the foot of the bed.

A tradition in our family is to name pets after towns in Michigan. Which is how Mio got his name.

He is a black short-hair with a tiny white patch on his chest. He and George are litter mates, born in the spring of 2006.

Both he and his brother have been diagnosed with cystitis, George in the summer of 2008 and Mio a year or so later. But that means that they are on a special diet of prescription food. Luckily, they haven't had to take any extra medication for it and they like the food.

Baby Mio already testing his claws.

Sleepy. He had some stripes that would show up in the right lighting.

The back of the couch is getting smaller.

Mio bothered his surgery site and got to wear a soft cone of shame . .  it ended up as a skirt.

Mio crashed on the floor pillows.

What a handsome face.


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