Meet Pepper

Pepper is a chocolate tortie and almost looks like a plain black cat. But she has a good-sized white spot on her chest and some patches where her tortoise colors come through. She came to us with the name Pepper and we kept it for numerous reasons; she looks like a peppercorn, I love Dr. Pepper, it's a cute pet name.

She initially tested positive for feline leukemia at their first vet visit, so we kept the two of them in "quarantine" for almost 2 months. She got tested again and we found out the day after Christmas that she was negative. It was a huge relief because we really didn't know what we were going to do if she had leukemia. 

Pepper is the quieter of the girls. She prefers to sit back and watch the activity and she is very tolerant of the kids. . .up to a point. Robin has taken a liking to Pepper and has a tendency to find her, pick her up, and take her where he can sit with her on his lap.


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