Why I'm looking forward to him working 3rd shift

Are you an opposite shift couple? I didnt even realize this was a term until I started researching for this post. But if you think about it, there are millions of 2nd and 3rd shift workers in the United States and odds are that a good amount of them are in a relationship. So, there is a good number of couples who fall into this category.

We have been an opposite shift couple since Batman was born almost 6 years ago. We decided "no" to daycare after one visit to a potential daycare. To be fair, the facility was probably great, but I was 7 or 8 months pregnant and couldn't imagine leaving my baby with a stranger for the whole day. Aside from the fact that it would cost half of our take home pay.

So, we had to make a decision. Since I made more money, it would make sense that Ron become a stay at home dad. However, due to what I suspect is an ingrained belief that the man has to work, that didn't fly. But that's another topic.

We started looking at other options. He was able to find a second shift job and I was able to adjust my schedule so that I could be home in time for him to leave. And eventually ended up working part time until I decided to quit my job.

Now, I work on my own schedule and he was asked if he would have any interest in moving to 3rd shift. We talked it through and decided that it could work.

So, here's what I am looking forward to.

He will be home in the evenings. 

This is huge. Our kids spend every weekday with one parent and then the other. We are basically married single parents. Or is it single married parents? I have to admit that dinner has become a rather lax affair. I consider it a win if I can get all three of the kids to sit at the table together for 5 minutes. Bedtime is especially rough because of all the stuff that needs to be done. Times three. Clean up clothes and toys, brush teeth (an adventure on its own), get into jammies, bath (rarely happens in the evenings), find everyone's own bed, etc, etc, etc. When he's home, we can divide and conquer. 

Our weekends will start early (for us).

He has worked Friday nights for the past five years. In order for us to take a weekend trip to visit family 3 hours away (now 5 with kids), he would have to take the day off work or we would have to leave really early on Saturday. Neither option was ideal. We will also have the option to go to the Friday night dance parties. Or our city's fourth Friday events.

We can attend evening activities.

Since having three kids, we rarely go anywhere when we're on our shift. So, if there is something we want to do on the weeknight... too bad. Also, Batman had his first school "concert" and Ron had to miss it. Luckily, my parents were available to come help. And we still managed to lose track of Robin for a minute.

I won't resent him for sleeping during the day.

I hate to admit it, but it bothers me that he falls asleep during the day. A lot. He gets home at 12:30am. Sometimes he comes straight to bed, sometime he stays up and plays video games. And even if we get about the same amount of sleep, he still gets a nap. Yeah, I'm jealous. At least this way, he will have a set time to sleep and we'll all know when that is.

I wont have to haul all the kids to the school every day.

In the freezing cold or blistering heat. Since he has to leave for work at the same time school lets out, I have to pack up Robin and Batgirl into the wagon and drag them all the way to the school and back. On a good day, when everyone is happy and no one drops their hat behind the wagon and waits 50 feet to tell me, it's a nice walk. But on the days when someones misses naptime or has to be woken up from naptime, it's a trial. As soon as he is on third shift, I get to take a nice walk to the school and back, just me and Batman.

Now, we both realize that there will be some downsides to the new schedule, but hopefully the transition period won't be terrible.

I'll keep you in the loop.

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