Distanced. Episode 7 - Quarantined

When I sat down to write this post in the middle of November, we were right in the middle of The Battle of the Fleas and COVID Quarantine. Most of my family who doesn't live with us had tested positive for COVID and we were watching for symptoms. I had outlined our adventure in a daily log. Then I took a break and when I came back to finish, I realized that it was a bit much.

So, instead here is a quick overview of our November.

The Infestation.

Since we moved to this house four years ago, our INDOOR cats somehow manage to get fleas every year around August. This year was a little later than usual and we thought it was under control. . . but, George, being the most irritated by fleas, started grooming off his fur in his attempt to get the fleas. So, we got some stronger medicine from the vet at the beginning of the month to treat the cats and the house. The first dose didn't help. I was still flea combing at least once a day and the little bowl of soapy water was full of fleas. Gross. 

I tried some DIY home remedies for furniture and carpet treatments. And Ron found some products that were recommended by coworkers that aren't heavy on the chemicals. After using those and a second application of flea meds to the cats about three weeks after the first, we seem to have eliminated most, if not all of the pests. We continue to fight (aka vacuum) and seem to be flea free. We are due for another application to the cats soon and hopefully that will get us through the winter.

Pepper's expression pretty well sums up how we're feeling about this year.

The Quarantine.

On Tuesday, November 3, we learned of one positive COVID in my family. Over the next week, there were five more confirmed, and one presumed. I got tested and the results were negative. On November 10, we got word that someone needed an ER visit. It ended up being pneumonia with no need to be admitted, but I spent a lot of the day in an anxiety-produced fog.

Over the next couple of weeks, we continued to stay home except to go to work and the grocery, followed the symptom reports from the family and continued to watch our symptoms. As of this moment, our household has not contracted the virus and I am happy to report that most of my family has recovered. My mom, however, developed complications that required an overnight at the hospital the Monday before Thanksgiving. She is back home and slowly resuming regular activities. As for Thanksgiving, we stayed home and had turkey legs and candied yams. Everyone else, having recently recovered from the virus, was able to gather together for a semi-normal holiday meal.

The Education.

School continues to be a struggle. Batman tells me at least once a week that he hates school at home and wants to go back to school. I usually agree with him that this situation sucks and he'll hopefully be able to go back to school in the fall. Robin just refuses to do his work, even when we try bribery or taking things away. Nothing works. My energy for facilitating school has diminished to the point where I have trouble even trying to get them back to school after lunch. I've also noticed my patience is almost gone. Luckily, we are in our last week of school and I am looking forward to some time to recharge.

I can only imagine what the teachers are going through right now. I'm sure they are even more burnt out than I am. 

The Hope.

We are looking forward to a safer 2021. We know that this situation won't disappear overnight just because there is a vaccine. But, we are hopeful that we will be able to get it before the school year starts and that we'll be able to resume a few of our normal summer activities. Even if we are still wearing masks, it will be nice to go to the playground or shopping again.

We hope you have a happy and safe holiday season. We'll see you in the new year!

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