Distanced. Episode 9 - Shifted.


After we got the office/school room all set up and working pretty well, Ron got a promotion at work. And as with everything, that came with good news and bad news.

Good news.
  • Promotions are good.
  • It's a move into the IT department which is what he has wanted for a long time.
  • No more working weekends and holidays.

Bad news.
  • It's a first shift position.


We have always planned that he will move back to a first shift job when most of the kids are in school all day. Well, obviously, that's not right now. But the opportunity was too good to pass up. And on Feb 8, we switched shifts.

Week one went about as well as expected. We made it through 3 days of schoolwork in 5 days. However, during the week, Batgirl got hold of a black permanent marker and decorated the hallway. Made me realize that we need to have school where I can watch all three at the same time and our little office wasn't going to work. (And that we need to have a Magic Eraser on hand at all times.)

So, between week one and week two, we moved the boys computers to the dining room table and worked through a plan to make this work without bringing the large desk back.

Week two had a scheduled day off and then a snow day, so we started on Wednesday. And we struggled.
We are all getting very tired of school at home. Every day feels like an uphill battle. That starts in a marsh.
Between week two and week three, we borrowed a small desk from my parents that looks like it came from the '70's or '80's and got the dining room set up and ready to host meals and school!!  Win! We are also trying out doing school for one at a time. So, Batman in the morning, then Robin after lunch. Or Robin first and then Batman.  We'll figure that out as we go.

The bright spots? Cartoons at 7am. And we now have a bedtime routine. Every night. That includes books. And starts around 8pm. So, we are all in bed around 9:30. 

Progress, not perfection. We're definitely making progress.


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