Distanced. Episode 4 - Interrupted

We are done with our second week of virtual learning.  And, I can't lie.  It's been a bit bumpy.

Unfortunately, the program that our school district chose to utilize for the committed virtual learners like us did not turn out the way anyone expected. After only three days, we got notified that we would not be required to log in the next day and the district would be putting together a new plan.

Those first few days were kinda brutal. Well, not the first day, it was just reviewing how the system would work.  But days two and three were exhausting for me. As a parent-guided program, I expected to be involved, however, I was not expecting the level of involvement that was expected. I was honestly hoping for videos or lessons that the kids could go through themselves. 

That was not the case.  

And I was tired, but determined. I was working on how our family would be able to make it work.

When the email came out that we weren't to use the program anymore, I was a little relieved. We took that Friday easy. . . we did non computer learning activities and waited for word about what week two would bring.

Week 2 - a four-day week after Labor Day. 

We got instructions to utilized the apps that the school district uses in the classroom normally - YAY! I like these apps, the kids like these apps and they know how to use them. They are also pretty self guided. I can set a timer for 20 minutes, have them work in an app and I can get some work done.  Then when the time goes off, we switch to another app or activity for 20 minutes.

On day one of the new model, I observed what Robin was doing in his math assessment and realized I could easily supplement that learning with a game of "more or less" with dominoes. 

So, I hunted around for the box of dominoes we had received at an enrichment night last year and when he was done with his computer work, we started our game. And then Batman joined in. Batgirl played for a bit, but lost interest when she didn't win.

Want to play your own game of "more or less"?  It's easy.  You can either use dominoes or make up cards with dots on them.

  • Place the dominoes face down on the table (or couch in our case)
  • Decide if you are looking for "more" or "less" for the game.
  • Each player picks up a domino and shows it. Oldest player asks "Who has the most?" (or "Who has the least?")
  • The person with the most (or least) wins all of the players dominoes.
  • Continue until all dominoes have been played. 
  • The player who has the most dominoes at the end of the game wins. (Honestly, this part didn't matter to my kids, they just wanted to play again)
  • If there is a tie, we put the pieces back and drew again. You could also just have everyone keep their own domino in a tie.
  • I would have Robin tell me each time who would win so he could practice. If he got it wrong, I'd have him count out the dots.

And that's it. Super simple, but amazingly entertaining for the little guys. We now play it at least once a day.

As for school, we are patiently waiting for a more detailed plan which should be coming soon. But, I'm happy.


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