Distanced. Episode 5 - Groovin'


The end of week four. And we've found a pretty good groove. 

We start school around 9:00 and work for about an hour or so, then take a short break, work for another hour, then it's lunchtime.  If we still have schoolwork, then we do another hour. Our goal is to have everything done by 2:00. And so far, we've made it.

The great part about the Virtual Academy is that it is "asynchronous" learning.  We don't have to finish everything on the exact day it is assigned. We try to do it on the appropriate day, but if something doesn't get finished, it's not a big deal.  There's always tomorrow. 

I am actually enjoying being so hands-on with their learning.  I'll admit that up until this year, I've been one of those parents who kinda hands off the learning to the teacher. Let's chalk it up to being exhausted. But, this year, I am learning right along with the kids. T, top, /t/.  B, bat, /b/. (Robin needs a bit more help than Batman, so I'm starting with the basics.)

An added "bonus" to this week was a 2.5 hour HIDA scan for me on Tuesday morning. So, Ron got to take over school that day. And they got most of their stuff done before I got home. They did have an incentive; I told them we would put up a spiderweb decoration outside after my test if their work was done.

So, I got a three hour break from the house this week.  Granted, that break involved an IV and radioactive tracer dye that would show the doctors if my gallbladder is working properly and lying on my back for two hours. But I got to listen to my audiobook and there was a break halfway through when I was able to stand up and stretch while they moved the camera. Honestly, the worst part of it was taking off the tape that held the IV at the end.

I was a little tired afterward, but we managed to get our spiderweb hung up and even have a few spiders to live in it. We then spent the rest of the day playing with the Halloween decorations. Not that we really have a lot of them, but enough to keep the team busy. 

For some reason, it felt really great to drive this week. The great temps, sunshine, and just that small sense of normalcy that being out in my car brought. I mean, that car has been with me for 17 years. It's been a consistent through all of life's ups and downs.

Isn't it strange how some of the simplest things in life can lift your spirits?  In the middle of the chaos and crappiness that is 2020, a simple drive had the power to make things right, even if just for a few minutes.


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